Meet the GCP’s Committed Partners and Participants

For almost ten years, the SOCAP community has been working together to build the market at the intersection of money and meaning. We are taking our next giant step in New York City on June 19 and we hope you will seriously consider being a part of this gathering.

This day will convene leaders from the financial, design, academic, non-profit, governmental and impact communities. We want to gather this diverse group of people interested in building a marketplace for good so that we can drive greater collaboration and coordination to accelerate capital flows into purpose-driven investments in every sector.

Save the date: June 19, 2017! You don’t want to miss the launch of the Good Capital Project, a two year initiative. Using a design thinking approach, we will highlight the barriers and find opportunities for impact investors to bring their initiatives to scale through aligning and enlisting cooperation of major Wall Street firms, international development organizations, angel investor networks, foundations, and community investing. Over the duration of this project, we expect the landscape for investing for good to become clear, and new, substantial partnerships, co investments, and projects to arise. We want to enlist all the players to join the effort to solve global challenges with market-based solutions, mixed with philanthropy and public sector financing.

There are lot of initiatives arising that show the time is right for a convergence of all of the sectors and asset classes for an interdisciplinary coordination of unlikely allies to take impact investing to scale, globally and locally in partnership.

We are committed, we are inclusive, and we are dedicated to making this happen. You want to be in the room where it happens. Join us June 19.


Committed partners and participants to date:

Jed Emerson, Blended Value Group

Jim Sorenson, Sorenson Impact Center

Audrey Selian, Artha Initiative

Ron Cordes, Cordes Foundation

Brian Trelstad, Bridges Ventures

Tracy Palandjian, Social Finance

Sasha Dichter, Acumen

Julia Balandina-Jaquier, JBJ Consult

John Kohler, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Salah-Eddine Kandri, IFC

Jessica Norwood, The Runway Project

Rodney Foxworth, Invested Impact

Harold Pettigrew, Wacif (CDFI)

Richard Bailey, UN Development Group

Bradley Busetto, UNDP

Alexis Bonnell, USAID

Stanley Siva, Yayasan Hasanah

Daniela Duber, BMW Foundation

Martin Whittaker, JUST Capital

Craig Pfeifer, Money Management Institute

John Danner, Lester Center for Entrepreneurship UC Berkeley

The Good Capital Project will harness our collective knowledge to change the world. In collaboration with our initial committed partners, we are in the process of planning the exciting programming, design, and networking sessions that the Good Capital Project launch event will feature. Sign up for the SOCAP Newsletter to receive the latest GCP news and updates.