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Keith Beverly, moXY Financial and Gary Clement, Clement Asset Management - GCP Candid Series

moXY Financial’s 20 by 20 Initiative is a sponsorship program to help at least 20 African American advisors obtain their CFP credentials by the end of 2020. This initiative is about creating a space in which students have the ability to hold each other accountable, create a network to help them study, and properly prepare for the exam. Our goal is to set up a scenario where the students can receive coaching and mentorship around the exam topics from folks who are seasoned professionals.

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The 2018-2019 Program of Total Impact Portfolio Challenge Draws to an Exciting End

Good Capital Project (GCP) partnered with Wharton Social Impact Initiative (WSII) to develop the Total Impact Portfolio Challenge, an annual “100% ESG and impact” portfolio construction competition for graduate students.

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Jennifer Djaferis Michaud, Arabesque - GCP Candid Series

Jennifer is a Director of Client Services for the United States and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. She is responsible for the execution of sales, marketing and business development initiatives for the region. Jennifer joins Arabesque with significant experience working with institutional clients in North America in sales and trading capacities while at Goldman Sachs & Co.

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Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, Social Venture Circle - GCP Candid Series

At Social Venture Circle, our strength as a merged entity is having a sense of local community with the advantages of a national network regarding peer-to-peer, investor, and national networking. In the non-profit and social impact space, we focus on supporting and empowering businesses with profit and purpose. Our goals relate to the way we support our membership companies and their networks of entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, thought leaders, and educators.

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November Newsletter - Foundations Moving to Greater Mission Alignment

The list of foundations beginning to move their endowment assets to align to their values and mission keeps expanding. As the universe of investable impact investing product grows and diversifies across asset classes, it is a natural progression for the asset allocation of foundations’ endowment to reflect their core values. This congruence of the investment allocation with the programmatic focus areas is an interesting trend to watch out for and the early findings will bolster the “no trade-off for impact” school of thought.

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Liesel Pritzker Simmons and Ian Simmons, Blue Haven Initiative - GCP Candid Series

Our approach is simple: avoid investing in the bad stuff and find opportunities for good stuff. The field is always evolving so it takes a commitment to being open to new opportunities. Impact investing is treated as novel, but most of it is traditional business strategies with more standards.

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Jackie VanderBrug, Bank of America Merrill Lynch - GCP Candid Series

Greater adoption of impact is driven by a combination of value alignment, risk mitigation, and growth opportunities. Clients are motivated by holding corporations accountable, supporting specific issue areas, and having a positive impact. In our research, 8 out of 10 investors believe companies should seek responsible growth by making a profit while taking responsibility for impact.

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Deborah Frieze and Mark Watson, Boston Impact Initiative - GCP Candid Series

Our work at BII sits at the intersection of activism and finance. Finance and capital have key roles in perpetuating economic disparities. We are using the tools of finance to redirect wealth into the hands of people from whom wealth has been extracted.

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Carolina Henriquez-Schmitz, The Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship - GCP Candid Series

There is a critical and pioneering role for lawyers to play in advancing the field of social entrepreneurship and impact investing. As social entrepreneurship and impact investing become mainstream, as companies and investors look not only to financial performance, but also to social and environmental impact, there is a growing need for new legal systems, new legal structures, new legal thinking and innovation.

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July Newsletter - ESG in the Mainstream

As responsible investing gains momentum, the world’s most influential asset managers are expanding the application of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles as a strategic investment tool. Asset managers, such as Blackrock and Wells Fargo, are about to launch their first-ever ESG funds for retirement savings plans, in a validation of the remarkable growth in demand for responsible investment options.

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