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The 2018-2019 Program of Total Impact Portfolio Challenge Draws to an Exciting End

Good Capital Project (GCP) partnered with Wharton Social Impact Initiative (WSII) to develop the Total Impact Portfolio Challenge, an annual “100% ESG and impact” portfolio construction competition for graduate students.

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November Newsletter - Foundations Moving to Greater Mission Alignment

The list of foundations beginning to move their endowment assets to align to their values and mission keeps expanding. As the universe of investable impact investing product grows and diversifies across asset classes, it is a natural progression for the asset allocation of foundations’ endowment to reflect their core values. This congruence of the investment allocation with the programmatic focus areas is an interesting trend to watch out for and the early findings will bolster the “no trade-off for impact” school of thought.

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Total Impact Boston Highlights (Day 1)

On the first day of Total Impact Boston, panelists focused on ESG and impact investing strategies across asset classes. The day started with a powerful statement from Ian Simmons quoting his co-founder and wife, Liesel Pritzker Simmons, “We don’t invest in products and companies that, when used properly, kill people.”

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Total Impact Boston Highlights (Day 2)

On Day 2, in addition to continuing to explore strategies and emerging opportunities across asset classes and sectors, Total Impact Boston featured key Boston stakeholders, local impact success stories, and innovative place-based opportunities. The importance of developing strong local ecosystems and fostering cross-sector collaboration was reiterated time and again over the day.

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August Newsletter - 17Jordan

In May, members of the Good Capital Project team traveled to Jordan on the invitation of the Jordan country team of the United Nations on a fact-finding mission to study at close quarters the SDG investment landscape of Jordan. Over the trip, the leadership of the UN country team and GCP members, met a broad range of stakeholders at central government, local government, central bank, leading private corporations, international development agencies, accelerator programs, and entrepreneurs with the intent to understand the current initiatives underway to bolster the investment ecosystem, and the impediments to attract and retain private investments in Jordan. 

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July Newsletter - ESG in the Mainstream

As responsible investing gains momentum, the world’s most influential asset managers are expanding the application of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles as a strategic investment tool. Asset managers, such as Blackrock and Wells Fargo, are about to launch their first-ever ESG funds for retirement savings plans, in a validation of the remarkable growth in demand for responsible investment options.

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Impact on Campus

Universities are ramping up impact investing curriculums. Education is a vital component to progress impact investing from a niche sector to the mainstream financial markets. Universities across the United States are developing curricula to train the next generation of financial professionals in the increasingly popular field of social impact investing.

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6 Reasons to Attend Total Impact

We believe the financial services industry has the tools to solve some of the world's biggest challenges. Total Impact is an event is for all investment advisors and wealth managers who want to gain actionable, executable information on impact investment and investors who are interested in aligning their portfolios with their social values.

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How investment advisors can retain their clients, pick better investments and have some fun in Philadelphia

In the months leading up to Total Impact we will be interviewing key leaders in the space who have partnered with us to help grow the impact investing space through this event. This week we feature our conversation with John Morris, Managing Partner & Board Member of Intentional Media and a member of the Good Capital Project Design Lab.

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How Total Impact will teach investors to make an impact across asset classes

The GCP (a SOCAP initiative) has invited impact investing pioneers and experienced practitioners including Jim Sorenson, Sorenson Impact Center; John Moore, Investors' Circle; Brian Trelstad, Bridges Fund Management, and others to share their expertise with Total Impact attendees. This event is designed for financial advisors and investors who want to create social impact within their portfolios, but need a better understanding of today’s best practices, executable strategies and ideas to incorporate impact into portfolios.

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Philadelphia rings the bell on a 21st-century revival

The city finds itself rising on national lists: Leading startup city. Next in techcity. Top cities for social enterprise ecosystems. America’s best new restaurants. Last year, Philadelphia was called the country’s leading city for diversity in science, technology, engineering and math. With small wins and intentional progress, there’s a new tone in Philadelphia.

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