It's Time FOR A SustainabLE status quo

The total US assets under management using sustainable, responsible, and impact strategies reached $8.72 trillion in 2016. That represents a 33% increase since 2014. The industry is growing, the market is expanding, and the world is beginning to realize that a commitment to sustainability and social good does not come at the expense of competitive returns. 


Growth in total US assets under management using sustainable, responsible, and impact strategies.


The progress so far, however, represents a small fraction of the industry's market potential. There are several barriers preventing Good Capital Practices from becoming mainstream. The Good Capital Project addresses these barriers by convening industry leaders throughout the financial services, philanthropic, academic, private, and public sectors to accelerate the flow of capital to purpose driven investments.


The Good Capital Project will develop new tools, resources and frameworks to leverage the financial services community as a force for positive impact. Learning from the successes and failures of local, regional, and global capital deployment, the GCP will create beneficial opportunities for both the financial sector and broader global community. The financial markets need to be prepared for the seismic shift in investor demographics that demand greater alignment of their portfolios with their values. The GCP will focus on generating innovative and sustainable solutions to align the capital markets with the human needs of tomorrow. The financial markets must be a catalyst for good in the years ahead.